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Bioacoustic Phenomena Realtime AV/ Live Cinema, Summer 2010. VIEW VIDEO

Bioacoustic Phenomena (also known as Hydroacoustic Study) was originally conceived as a live audio-visual performance piece with sound artist Francisco Lopez for a Spatial Sound event organised by Optofonica at the Smart Project Space in Amsterdam, June 2010

The piece was subsequently developed to work with my own live audio compositions and sound design. Bioacoustic Phenomenon is live generative cinematic exploration of sonically activated biological events, specifically evolving cellular entities that grow in response to sound vibrations.

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Parhelia Real-time/Generative/Performance 2009-10. VIEW VIDEO

A Parhelion (generated by hexagonal ice crystals in high and cold cirrus clouds) is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun. A realtime performance piece made for Electrovision Cinema, The Roxy Screen, London, September 2009. Click here for more pictures & Info

Rynth[n3] Full-dome Planetarium Performance, Sonic Acts XIII, March 2010. VIEW VIDEO

'The use of grayscale emphasized subtle contrasts and shifts from states of complexity to simplicity, all based on only a few basic, generative forms. The dynamic mobility of these forms put the audience in motion both within the forms as well as in a space occupied by the formal structures' - Review of RyNTH - Trace Reddell, Leonardo Review Online.

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Artware 5 prints 9 x A2 Prints 2009

Contribution of 9 x A2 archival Inkjet prints to Artware 5, Peru, 2009. Artware is an international biennial of art using generative and computational processes. Works included were Rynth[n9] (a sonification of the Superformula) Autotrophs (video feedback life-forms) & Daub II (a drawing machine inspired by biomineralisation). Click here for more pictures & Info

Autotrophs Feedback signals/A2 Prints 2009

An autotroph (from the Greek autos = self and trophe = nutrition), is an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple inorganic molecules using energy from light or inorganic chemical reactions. Constructed using simulated video feedback. Click here for more pictures & Info

rynTH[n9] Simulatenous sound visualisations/Superformula deformations/A2 Prints 2009

RyNTH is an ongoing piece involving the sonification of the Superformula. Output for Artware5, Peru, 2009. Three composite prints visualise the following audio descriptions, ‘Harmony & Dissonance’, ‘Concurrent Frequencies’ and ‘Harmonic Concordance’. Click here for more pictures & Info

Fast Fourier Radials Real-time/Generative/Syneasthetic 2008

A real-time radial spatialisation of FFT sound analysis originally made for Hacktronic, Boston, October 2007. Revisted and restyled in 2008. Aside from each band length and colour being informed by sound frequencies each ‘circle of equalisation’ moves in space, reacting to the beats of the music. Click here for more pictures & Info

DaubII (Planetoid & Oriol) Algorithmic drawing print(s) 2008

A new set of hi-resolution outputs from my semi-autonomous drawing program, Daub, made for WIRED magazine (March2008 issue). The article ‘Painted by Numbers’ surveys a group of works by generative artists who transform raw data into aesthetic visual statements. Click here for more pictures & Info

Talysis II  - Symmetrical tesselations & hyperbolic geometry 2007-09 - VIEW VIDEO

Talysis II is constructed with a circuit of renderers in VVVV, each passing its output to the next renderer to produce a closed visual information loop. Symmetrical geometric patterns are generated as a single unit (white square) is transformed a little in shape, position, orientation and hue while its conveyed around the circuit. For Artificial Emotion 3.0, Brazil 2006. A video, more pictures & info can be found here

Structure-W Kinetic/Generative/Real-time 2007

An evolving geometric architectural structure. Inspired by gyroscopes & anti-gravity mechanics. Used in VJ performances during 2007. Click here for videos, more pictures & Info

ryNTH[n1] - 'Memory Satellites' 2007 View Video

ryNTH is an evolving object in space textured with a pre-processed coded video stream. ryNTH concerns labyri[nths] and uses the Superformula Shader in VVVV.

‘A set of chattering memory satellites communicating with each other from different spaces’ - cm.

A video, more pictures & info can be found here


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