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RyNTH[n3] For Planetarium

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‘Paul Prudence’s ‘RyNTH’ is a full-dome grayscale piece that frequently shifted from long lines and descending bars to vast spheres experienced from both interior and exterior vantage points.

The use of grayscale emphasized subtle contrasts and shifts from states of complexity to simplicity, all based on only a few basic, generative forms. The dynamic motility of these forms put the audience in motion both within the forms as well as in a space occupied by the formal structures.

In this way, Prudence’s work visually and sonically enacted for me something compelling about the Sonic Acts XIII festival as a whole.’

Review of RyNTH at Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam for Sonic Acts XIII, Mar 2010 by Trace Reddell for Leonardo Review Online.

Larger images of the peice can be found here