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Performances & Exhibtions, Talks & Workshops, Releases.


20 October. Force Field, collabrative installation with Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand for the exhibition Le Vide et la Lumière at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France.

10-11 October. Screening of Chromophore II at the José Guerrero Art Center, Granada, Spain

14-17 September. Performance & artist talk, Warsaw. Venue and details TBC.

9 September. Collaborative performance of Force Field with Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand at Ars Electronica '16: Radical Atoms

8 June. Artist talk and discussion at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

4 May. Performance at Mapping Festival, Geneva.

15-16 April. 360° panoramic performances of Cyclotone II and Chromophore at Audio Visual Spatial: The Generative Cinema, Living Abstractions and Related Mindbenders, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam.

Jan 2016. Artist Residency with Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand awarded by The European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation & CTM, Berlin.


22 Oct 2015. Panel: Audio-Visual Composition at Centro de Cultural Digital, Mexico City.

21 Oct 2015. Cyclotone.MX (full-dome version) for A/Visions 1 at Mutek Mexico, Mexico City.

22 May 2015. Lumophore at SAT for IX Symposium, Montreal, CA.

13-16 May 2015. Lumophore at SAT [Société des Arts Technologiques] for Elektra Festival, Montreal, CA.

02 May 2015. Premier performance of Cyclotone II at LEV Festival [Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual], Gijon, Spain.

07 March 2015. Solo performance of Chromophore + collaborative performance of Hydro Acoustic Study with Francisco Lopez at Volumens Festival, Valencia, Spain.

28 Febuary 2015. Performance of Cyclotone at Mirage Festival, Lyon, France.


22 November 2014. Screening of Cyclotone at Touch Me Festival, Zargreb, Croatia.

21 November 2014. Performance of Cyclotone at Sonic Cinema, BFI, London.

19 November 2014. Quanta at MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, Italy

15 November 2014. Performance at Mirrorcity - London Artists on Fiction & Reality, The Hayward Gallery, London.

7 November 2014. Performance & Lecture, Mira Festival, Barcelona.

16-19 October. Chromophore [For Musion Holographic System] at Kinetica, London.

5 October. Screenings of Hydroacoustic Study & Parhelia in the Sphaerae dome at Axs Festival, Pasadena, CA, US

11-14 September. Performance and exhibition at GOGBOT, Enschede, Netherlands.

26-27 June. Paper presentation/lecture at xCoAX - Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Porto, Portugal.

26-27 June. Performance of Chromophore at xCoAX - Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Porto, Portugal.

31 May 2014. Performances at Mutek/Elektra 2014 as part of A/visions 4: Optical Termors, Montreal, Canada.

28 May 2014. Holo encounters with Paul Prudence: Interview with HOLO Magazine Editor-in-Chief Greg J. Smith on the intent and methodology driving my practice. Part of Mutek/Elektra 2014, Montreal, Canada.

5 April 2014. Live Audio-Visual peformance at the Resonate Closing Party, Belgrade.

4 April 2014. Artist talk and panel discussion 'Visual Music: Geometries of the Unseen' with Peter Kirn, Joanie Lermercier and Yuri Suzuki at Resonate, Belgrade.

12 March 2014. Artist talk and performance at Visible Bits, Audible Bytes, Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre, Leicester, UK.

5-9th Feb 2014. Exhibtion of fixed media works and live audio-visual performace at Tech Art, Rotterdam.


24 Nov 2013. Performance of Cyclotone at Seeing Sound Symposium, Bath Spa University.

21 Nov 2013. Release of DVD on the LINE imprint, Liquified Sky, containing audio visual works by Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Francisco López, COH, Asmus Tietchens and Paul Prudence. More info here.

16 Nov 2013. Screening of a specially comissioned full-dome work, Lumophore, at the Kaluga Planetarium and Space Museum, Kaluga, Russia.

10 Nov 2013. Performance of Cyclotone at Coded Matters #2 [Sound Hackers], Amsterdam. Review of the full event can be found here and photographic documentation here.

2 Nov 2013. Performance of Cyclotone at Renew Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen

27 Sept 2013. Screening of LINE DVD release collaboration with Francisco Lopez (who performed sound live) at TodaysArt, Den Haag.

7 Sept 2013. Performance of a new dome version of Hydro Acoustic Study for Sphaerae at Ars Electronica, Linz.

11 May 2013. Performance of Cyclotone at PureGold at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.

6 May 2013. Performance of Hydro Acoustic Study at Hydroacoustics, Stubniz, London.

3 May 2013. Visuals with special guests, Plex Basement Sessions #2, The Others, London.

27 April 2013. A-V Performance [Cyclotone] Arc Festival, Bristol. [Video here]

28 February 2013 - 3rd March 2013. Performance[s] of Apeiron [For Musion Holographic System] at Kinetica, London.

1 March 2013. Video Aesthetics Master Class lecture, Brunel University, London.

15 March 2013. Artists talk & Performance, Audio:Visual:Motion, Manchester University.


27 September 2012. A-V Performance [Cyclotone] and Lecture, Red Bull Music Academy - Cymatics, Generative Visual Music & The Third Eye curated by Francsico Lopez.

October 2012. Spheriometria mirror-dome workshop, ArtScience Inter-faculty, Den Haag, Netherlands.

5 November – 21 December2012. Exibition, Performace & Lecture, Controlled Evidence, Simons Centre for Physics & Geometry, StonyBrook, US.

23-25 October 2012. VVVV Workshop at National Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan

17-21 Oct 2012. Visual Music Workshop with Performances at Playgrounds 2012, National Taipei University of Art, Taipei, Taiwan.

24 Sept 2012. Performace at Immerge, SHO-ZYG, London.

21 Sept 2012. Performance of Rynth[n6] at Scopitone Festival, Nantes, France.

24 Aug 2012. Screening of Hydro-Organic Machine Study (with Francisco Lopez) at 7mo Giratorio - Festival of New Musics and Experimental Sound, Puerto Rico

12 July 2012. Performance at 'Byte Me', Brighton, UK.

19 May 2012. Performance of 'Parhelia' at Plums Festival of Audio-Visual Experiments, Moscow, Russia.

19 May 2012 Masterclass lecture to students of the British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia.

10 May - 24 June 2012. Exhibtion: The Source - On the interactions of extraterrestrial light with the atmosphere and biosphere. Screening of Bioacoustic Phenomena, The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam

05 May 2012. Full-dome Performance of 'Rynth', Gates Planetarium, Denver, US.

03 May 2012. VVVV Lecture & workshop at the Emergent Digital Practices faculty, University of Denver, Denver, US.

02 May 2012. Performance [ Hydro-acoustic Study] with Francisco Lopez at the Hypercube/University of Denver and Denver Planetarium, Denver, US.

27 April 2012. Performance of a newly comissioned AV piece with the Spanish composer Ramón Prada at LEV [Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual] Festival in Gjion, Spain.

22 March 2012. Performance and short lecture at ABA, Gullard lecture Theatre, Goldmiths, London

9 Febuary 2012. Cross-wired: Sonified Generative Environments. Lecture to MA/PHD Students in Computational Arts for Thursday Club, Goldmiths, London.

19 Jan 2012. AV Performance at Synergetica StudioLab: Bioreactor [Part of Surface Tension - the future of water] at The Scence Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

12 Jan 2012. AV Performance as part of Scratch Nights [Expanded Cinema and live visual performance] at MK Gallery, UK


16-18 Dec 2011.
Video installations of Rynth & Hydro Acoustic Study at Videomedja Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia.

19 Nov 2011. Hydro Acoustic Study: A-V Peformance with sound artist Francisco Lopez as part of an Optofonica Showcase at MFRU (International Festival of Computers Arts), Maribor, Slovenia.

15-25 Nov 2011. Visual Music Workshop with VVVV for MFRU (International Festival of Computers Arts), Maribor, Slovenia.

Nov 2011. Guest Room Maribor: One month artist residency in Maribor, Slovenia organised by the cultural centre Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže.

29 Oct 2011. Hydro Acoustic Study: AV-performance at the Seeing Sound II Symposium, Bath Spa University. Seeing Sound is a two-day symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image including visual music, abstract cinema and experimental animation.

12-20 Oct 2011
Lecture at Bactria Arts Foundation, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Presentation of research during a trip to Tajikistan supported by the Smithsonian Institution and the Open Foundation, as well as an overview of visual music practices.

30 Sept 2011.
Dataisnature: Visual music performances on the closing night of the Brighton Digital Arts Festival. Location Brighton Dome Pavillion Theatre, Brighton, Uk. Also including audio0-visual performances by Quayola & Mira Calix. Details can be found here.

15 April 2011
Screening of Hydro Organic Machine Study (with sound by Francisco Lopez), at Störung 6 - Experimental Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival, Barcelona.

9 April 2011. Screening of Bioacoustic Study at Share Festival, as part of the Synthetic Cinema exhibtion,
Belgrade, Serbia

25-27 March 2011. Screening of Hydro Organic Machine Study (with sound by Francisco Lopez) at Hering on consecutive days in Leverkusen, Wuppertal & Cologne, Germany.


3rd December 2010. Live AV Performance at Electrovision, London.

22-27 November 2010. Audio-visual performance & lecture at HAIP 2010: New Nature, an international multimedia festival, Ljubljana - Slovenija.

20 November 2010.
Audio-visual performance of Rynth[n4] as part of an Optofonica Showcase at MRFU/Maribor Festival, Slovenia.

17 November 2010.
Two performaces, Untitled (Bioacoustic Phenomena) and Rynth[n4] at NODE10 - Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt.

6 November 2010.
Talysis II will be shown as part of the Optofonica Showcase at Museums Night in Amsterdam.

21 October 2011.
Artist talk given to Students of The MFA Computer Art Department at SVA, NYC, US

20 October 2010.
4 New Prints from my Autotroph Series and an HD video version of Untitled (Bioacoustic Phenomena) at the Devotion Gallery, NYC, US. The Root of Root is a show of generative artworks by Marius Watz, Aaron Meyers and Paul Prudence.

23 August 2010. Multi-Channel Audio-Visual Performance at ISEA 2010 International Symposium on Electronic Art, Dortmund.

11 June 2010
. Spatial Sound Music Programme, In association with Optofonica Lab and part of Ambifonica Residency, an audio-visual collaboration by Francisco Lopez & Paul Prudence. Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.

29 May 2010. Audio-visual performance at Cronosfera Festival of international video & live media. Turino, Italy. Documentation can be found here.

11 May 2010 Artist talk as part of Maths-Art Seminars at London Knowledge Lab. London

1st May 2010. Panel discussion on the future of arts in 2050 at Sci-Fi London [The London International Festival of Science Fiction & Fantastic Film]

26 Apr 2010. Artist talk at BALTAN Laboratories, Eindoven. An evening of generative art and design in relation to architecture, space and spaciality. Documentation can be found here.

2 Apr 2010. Audio-visual performance with Orphx for Quartz Electronic Music Awards, Paris.

22 Mar 2010. 'From Vectors to Vertex' - a lecture given to students of the Communicating Maths Course, Leicester University, Leicester.

3 Mar 2010.
Peformance of RyNTH [n3] and short artist talk at the Optophonica Lab, Amsterdam.

1 Mar 2010.
Talk to Sonology Students at the Royal Conservatoire of Music, Den Hague.

28 Feb 2010. Performance at Sonic Acts XIII - 'The Poetics of Space', Amsterdam. A new version of RyNTH will be performed at Beyond Space in the Planetarium Artis.

28 Feb 2010. Lecture at Sonic Acts XIII , Amsterdam - Generative Spaces: The Spatiotemporal Subroutines of Runtime Planet Earth, part of the Gardeners of the Future session.


10 December 2009. Rynth & Autotophs featured in the Book 'Generative Gestaltung' [Generative Design] by Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Groß, Julia Laub, Claudius Lazzeroni.

5 December 2009.
Dataisnature is featured in Blogs - Mad About Design [Maomao Publications 2009].

23 September 2009.
Performance at Electrovision Cinema at the Roxy Bar and Cinema, London.

19 June 2009
. 'Transphormetic', a talk about my work at the Royal Institution, London.

April-May 2009. Artware 5, Bienal internacional de arte digital de Lima at the Peruvian North American Cultural Institute of Lima, Peru.

5 January 2009. Talysis II is featured in Websites II [published by Zeizs, 2009].


20 Nov 2008. Zero to Infinity, (Performance/Talk) Dana Centre, London. An informal evening of mathmetical philosophy and art.

4 Nov 2008.
Artist talk at Computer Arts Society/London Knowledge Lab joint meeting 'Rules: Algorithms | Structures | Intuition. A few pictures can be found here.

30 Oct 2008. Lecture at Playgrounds AV Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands. Pictures can be found here.
Sarah Lugthart recently uploaded an interview she did with me earlier in the year for Rapture Magazine in relation to Playgrounds.

20 Sept 2008. Real-time visual music performance at Lille planetarium, Lille, France.

19 Sept 2008. VJ set 'Transphormetic Vs Yesyesnono' at Le Name Festival, Lille, France.

13 Sept 2008. Live perfomance of Talysis/SonLattice at Minitek Festival, NYC, US.

25 July 2008. Lecture presentation of my paper 'Recursion, Symmetry & Tessellation with Software based Video Feedback Systems' at the Bridges 2008 Conference, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The annual conference concerns the intersection of Maths, Art & Music. Pictures can be found here

8 Apr 2008. Lecture/Presentation/Performance at NODE08, Frankfurt. Lecture concerned visual music, the sonification of form & audio responsive video feedback systems. Performance included a short version of Son Lattice.

4 Mar 2008. New high resolution print versions of Daub II (Planetoid & Oriol) featured in WIRED magazine (03/08 issue).


6 Dec 2007. Visuals for Immersion7 - The Flea Pit, London. Experimental noise art visuals.

13 Nov 2007. Tomorrow Now, Engage the Code, Venice, Italy

9 Nov 2007. Code_In_Motion: Sound Reaction Festival @ Club to Club. Turino, Italy.

25 Oct 2007. Hacktronic Boston, US - DJ & Live coded visuals, Private Party Organised by Razorfish.

21 Oct 2007. Playgrounds Audio-Visual Arts Festival, Tilburg, Holland

4 Oct 2007. Generative audio responsive visuals for Immersion6 - The Flea Pit, 49 Columbia Rd, E2 7R. London: Experimental noise art. Free entrance, 8pm.

2 Aug 2007. Generative visuals (VVVV & Processing) with Yesyesnono for Immersion5 - London.

30 Nov 2007. Talysis 2 featured in 'Fundamentals of Digital Art' by Richard Colson, AVA Publishing, 2006.

30 Nov 2006. Real-time visual performance with Yesyesnono for Immersion2 - London.

11 Nov 2006: Live visual performance to the sounds of Fusban for Openlab3 @ The Midnightblue Gallery, London.

Nov 2007: Two digital Illustrations included in 'Scan Your Skin' a Book published by Borean Design, 2006


12 Nov 2006. Real-time visual performace with Yesyesnono for Immersion1 - London.

July - Sept 2006
. Talysis 2 shown in Art.ficial Emotion 3.0, Sao Paulo, Brazil. J

June 2006. VJ performance, Decibelio music festival, Madrid, Spain. June 2006


Nov2005. Exhibtion of Generative Art with Marius Watz , Generative Strategies, Spain.

Oct 2005 Presentation and film premier of Talysis I, Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft-Architecture, Utretch, Holland.