Transphormetic V6
Selected works of Paul Prudence | paul AT transphormetic DOT COM
Generative Gestaltung [Generative Design] | 2009

Video feedback works Autotrophs & Talysis II included in the Book 'Generative Gestaltung' [Generative Design] by Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Groß, Julia Laub, Claudius Lazzeronil.

'The book »Generative Gestaltung« deals with the creation of images by using codes. An image is no more created manually but through a visual idea which is translated into a set of rules and then implemented in a programming language in the form of source code. The consequence is that such a program can not only create a single image but also completely re-design visual worlds by changing the parameters.'

Websites II | 2009

Transphormetic was featured in Websites II [published by Zeizs, 2009], a 673 page hardbound book covering the following areas: Art & Artists, Photography, Illustration and Typography.

Blogs - Mad about Design | 2009

My 'recreational research' weblog Dataisnature was included in a book about design blogs. Blogs - Mad about design [Maomao Publications 2009].

'Blog, weblog, logbook...Although they definitely flourished in 2004, blogs have existed since the late 90s - the desire to tell stories and to develop ideas through feedback was always there, and weblogs have become a favourite personal tool. Considering that it is as simple to create a blog as it is to check your email, outstanding content is what makes a difference - here are the best' [Synopsis]

Fresh Flash | 2007

My chapter , Experimental Interfaces, involves the production of a set of experimental interfaces generated entirely at runtime using the Drawing API and the (then) new event model.

Flash Math Creativity | 2004

The book examines the creative use of math in the Flash/ActionScript environment to produce interactive and generative art. Fifteen artists produce four experiments mutated 10 times.

Rojo Magazine | 2005

Contributed 4 artworks, 'Concretelles', to the second issue.

MX Interface & Application Design | 2007

The chapter covers an experimental interface rendered at runtime using the drawing API - a development of an earlier working include in Fresh Flash.

Webstites 100% Loaded | 2007
  Transphormetic V5 was included in this small, hard bound book with 667 full-color pages of websites from around the world.
Fundamentals of Digital Art | 2007
  This title offers an introduction to the key elements of the digital art areas and is aimed at first year undergraduate students studying digital art and design. A section on 'Using Feedback' included images and descriptions of 'Talysis II'
MX Components : Most Wanted | 2004
  Flash MX Components Most Wanted contains 21 components - packaged encapsulated modules ready to drag onto the stage. My chapter was entitled 'Pattern generators, mouse toys & dynamic geometrical designs - three simple post-functional components for amusement and distraction'.